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Meet Zero Air by OG Essentials

The ultimate herb storage device that combines quality craftsmanship with cutting edge patent pending technology to deliver a pressurized, airtight, and UV light free environment to protect your product.

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How NOT To Store Your Herbs

Pump Jar


Doesn't block UV light, not discreet, loses air pressure quickly, chemicals from the plastic can seep into your herbs.



Doesn't block UV light, not discreet, often not air tight and oxidative air is trapped inside the bag. Chemicals from the plastic can seep into your herbs. Not smell proof.

Plastic Jar


Doesn't block UV light, often not airtight and oxidative air is trapped inside the jar. Chemicals from the plastic can seep into your herbs. Not smell proof.

Glass Jar


Doesn't block UV light, traps oxidative air in the jar, and is not discreet.



Herbs can lose their structural integrity and delicate crystals will be become brittle and break off while freezing. During thawing condensation can cause mold.



When removing herbs from the fridge condensation will occur making your herbs wet and mushy and creating the perfect environment for mold to develop.

Vacuum Sealed Bag


Doesn't block UV light, not discreet, vacuum process crushes your herbs, the bags often lose their seal and chemicals from the plastic can seep into your herbs.

What is ZERO AIR?

Benefits of ZERO AIR?

Guaranteed Freshness

Zero Air guarantees a storage environment free of UV light and oxidizing air to keep your herbs as fresh as possible.


Airtight seal, proprietary scent reduction filter valve design and dual carbon filters keep fragrances out of the air each time the jar is pressurized.


Sleek, high-end modern design that looks great anywhere. Comes in clear or onyx for added UV protection. The choice is yours.


Zero Air is designed to fit in a standard size drawer for maximum discretion. Jar decal is optional.

Ease Of Use

Load it up and with just a push of a button, your herbs can be stored fresh.  Battery is designed to last months per charge.

Premium Quality

Unlike plastic, which degrades over time and can potentially seep toxins into your herbs, our jars are made from durable, food safe borosilicate glass.

Zero Air Tech Specs












1. State of the Art Smell Proof Valve

Works with the carbon filter to help keep the aroma of your herbs from escaping when pressurizing.

2. Advanced Automatic Vaccum Suction

Small but high powered pump removes the air from within the jar

3. PSiQ - Intelligent Air Pressure Monitoring System

Our unique and innovative system that constantly monitors the pressure inside of the jar and automatically removes air as needed. This helps slow down elemental oxidation.

4. Stainless Steel Inner Cover

A food safe material that is non-staining and non-porous so you can feel confident knowing that it won't absorb bacteria nor leach any chemicals.

5. Protective Non Slip Base

Protects your storage jar from damage and from sliding around when placed on a slippery surface.

6. Rechargeable

Zero Air is Powered by a rechargeable power cell that can be charged with a USB-C cable. Depending on usage, 1 full charge can last for months!

7. Dual Layer Carbon Filters

Helps trap odors through a process called adsorption, which occurs when molecules attach to the outside of a surface, rather than being soaked into it.

8. Made with Food Grade Materials

Zero Air utilizes food grade glass material that is safe for any consumable dry goods and herbs stored inside.

9. Slows Down Elemental Oxidation

By removing air from within the container elemental oxidation is dramatically reduced. Plus, the Onyx version blocks UV light to further protect your herbs from damage.

10. Borosilicate Glass

Our jars are constructed with the highest quality, food safe eco-friendly borosilicate glass, and are available in two versions.  Onyx which is opaque and protects the contents from UV light and prying light. Or Clear which is designed to showcase your herbs.

11. Storage size

Stores up to 1 oz of your favorite herbs*(Storage capacity can vary depending on the density of the herbs).

Happy Customers

Shane T

Love This Product

This is so much nicer than expected! I love the sleek aesthetic look and it works amazingly!

Jayce M

Upgraded My Old Jar

I was so excited about this jar! I had been using this old penguin jar for years, but this was a game changer.

Nancy W

Makes a Great Gift!

I bought one for myself and loved how fresh it kept my herbs! I'm now buying one for each friend for the holidays.

Denzia A

My Travel Companion

It fits perfectly in my cosmetic bag which makes it easy to pack and it's also completely smell proof.

Gloria T

Stylish and Effective!

I can finally hide all my happy herbal goodies & make it last way longer! Highly recommend!

Marco C

Well Worth It!

Zero Air is a great storage tool and automatically keeps my product fresh, with no odor.