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How Does Zero Air Work?

7 Amazing Reasons Why You Will Love Selling Zero Air by OG Essentials

1. Powerful Vacuum Lid Locks Creates “True Airtight” Seal and Keeps Your Bud Fresh and Fragrant.

Most Stash Jars do not extract the air from the jar or create a truly airtight seal.  Zero Air extracts all the air from the jar and its Intelligent Air Pressure Monitoring System ensures that the jar always maintains a vacuum seal. 

Zero Air UV Light Protection

2. Utilizes Specially Designed Glass with Ultraviolet Protection Properties to Block Damaging UV Light

The jar is constructed using specially designed glass that blocks UV-A and Infrared Light which are parts of the light spectrum which can further degrade the quality of your herbs.

Zero Air Smell Proof Stash Jar

3. Smell Proof For Maximum Discretion and Hidability

The airtight seal, proprietary scent reduction filter valve design and dual carbon filters keep fragrances out of the air and your stash discreet.

Discreet Stash Jar Hide From Prying Eyes

4. Beautiful, Sleek and Most Importantly DISCREET

Zero Air is designed to fit in a standard size drawer and due to the special UV light blocking glass the contents are completely hidden from prying eyes. 

Stash Jar Long Lasting Power Cell Battery

5. Long Lasting Battery that’s Designed to Last for Months at a Time

This amazing stash jar uses an energy efficient vacuum pump and high density power cells that ensure a battery that only needs to be charged every few months.

6. First of its Kind, Unique & Innovative Product that Sells and Provides Solid Margins

There is no other product on the market like Zero Air.  In a sea of generic vape and consumable products, stand out with a unique product for the passionate connoisseur market.  We offer great margins for both distro and wholesale, fast shipping, and a 1 year warranty to the end customer.

7. Free Digital Display Maximizes Sales

We now offer a free digital display to all distro and wholesale accounts. With a new category of product like this we have found that distros and stores that put our digital display by the product sell 3X more.  Since this is a new product category, the video helps to explain the problem Zero Air solves.